The EHF Programme

It has taken me almost a year to be happy with the result of the Enraged Hippo Fitness (EHF) programme so you can be 100% sure that this is fully tried and tested.

The philosophy behind the programme

Throughout my time training I have learned the hard way that a standard bro-split isn’t optimal for my body type: I naturally struggle to add size unless on a huge (4000+) calorie intake, and have always struggled with my strength. My muscles require frequent stimulation to grow in both size and strength, but also require a high intensity: this is where the issue has always loomed. After tinkering around for around a year, I’ve cracked it. Primarily, this programme is aimed for people who truly want to transform into the best they can be. It is one thing to look big or to be strong, but being both big AND strong? Well that’s worth shouting about and this programme will get you there!

Each workout has two sections which are again split into two. They work as follows:

  • 1.A. Strength training for muscle group X
  • 1.B. Strength endurance for muscle group X
  • 2.A. Strength/hypertrophy for muscle group Y
  • 2.B. Hypertrophy/endurance for muscle group Y

So for example on Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday the muscle groups Y and X are swapped. [Exception for shoulders which will be explained later.]


I am a big believer that an honest, effective diet, is dependent on someones body type. In future articles I will delve deeper into this discussion, but for now there are a few basic rules that need to be followed regardless of body type:

  1. Maintain a medium to high carb intake. This will provide the energy required for the intense level of training.
  2. Maintain a medium intake of protein. This is essential to building big, strong muscles.

I understand that this does not give rough figures but this requires looking into your body type, weight and goals. So again, this will be covered in a future article.


I suggest the following for a cost-effective means of improving overall health:

  1. Standard sports multivitamin.
  2. Whey/Milk Protein powder. This is very useful if you need a cheap and convenient source of protein.
  3. Omega fish oils. Maintains healthy joints and improves brain function. [1]

 The EHF Programme


  • Deadlift – 3×3
  • Pull-ups – 10min
  • Squat – 6-8×4
  • Leg Press – 8-10×4
  • Natural Glute-Ham Raise – AMAPx4
  • Walking Lunge/Leg Extension – 10/10×4


  • Bench Press – 3×3
  • Press Ups – 10min (Count. Beat next week)
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 6-8×4
  • Superset: Lateral Raise – 12-16×4 and Rear Delt Flies – 12-16×4
  • Face Pulls – 8-10×3
  • Overhead Tricep Extensions – 8/8 x5


  • Cardio or
  • Rest


  • Squat – 3×3
  • Kettlebell Swings – 10min
  • Barbell Rows – 6-8×4
  • Weighted Chin Ups – 6×4
  • Natural Glute-Ham Raise – AMAPx4
  • Single Arm Krok Rows – 10×4
  • Seated Dumbbell Curl – 10×5


  • Overhead Press – 3×3
  • Incline Press – 6-8×4
  • Inclines Flies – 10-12×3
  • Dumbbell Press – 12-16×4
  • Tricep Cable Pushdown – 6-8×5


  • Rest


  1. 10/10 means 10 on one side then 10 on the other, for one set.
  2. 10min means you should go flat out for 10 minutes with minimal rest. This is for endurance!
  3. 6-8×4 requires 6 to 8 reps per set for a total of 4 sets.

Some exercises may be swapped out for similar exercises. As an example, the natural glute ham raise can be swapped out for good mornings. I don’t recommend tampering with this too much, and especially not the rep scheme. This has been set up like this for a reason: it works.

For the rest periods, I would suggest something like this:

  • Three reps: 3 to 5 minutes
  • Six to eight reps: 2 minutes
  • Eight to ten reps: 90 seconds
  • Ten reps or more: 60 seconds
  • Supersets: 90 seconds

Let me know how you find it! Lets all grow together!

[1] A meta-analysis of the analgesic effects of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation for inflammatory joint pain. Authors, Robert J. Goldberg, Joel Katz


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