What EHF stands for!

Some of you may think that the answer to this question is simple: it’s an acronym of Enraged Hippo Fitness. And you’d be right. It is. It is however, so much more than that…

Everyone has got to that stage in their life where for one reason or another, they start to dislike how they’ve become lazy, out of shape and generally unhappy. For some people like myself, this may have come quite early on in our lives, but for others it could be 40 years until it happens. The facts are largely the same: we all look in the mirror one day and are shocked we’ve gotten this bad; but we all knew this time was coming.

The EHF concept is to provide to motivation, knowledge and skills required to combat this situation! Nobody has to feel out of shape, down or ill just because they don’t know what to do. Having been right to bottom in life in only a short time on this planet, I decided that enough was enough: I deserve the right to as happy as everyone else is! You might look at the magazines and think you can only look this good by taking steroids or starving yourself with the latest craze of the ‘apples only’ diet. I’m here to tell you this is a lie.

Bei20131031_221035ng fit and healthy is the number one key to happiness in life. You might not think this is true at the moment, but I can absolutely guarantee that getting in shape will bring your life to a whole other level. Everything gets enhanced: those endorphins really know how to bring you out of that hole you’re finding yourself in.

There isn’t a magic solution to getting in shape (no ladies, there are no magic slimming pills), and you won’t get there in 6 weeks like those magazine covers keep telling you. The only way you’re going to get there is through hard work and dedication, and at the start it isn’t going to be easy. I’ll tell you now that there are ups and downs but if you believe you will make it, you will. Simple as that.

EHF has been created with only one thing in mind. To help people accomplish their goals. Time and effort is not put in with the wild dream of making money, it’s used to help improve the lives of others… of you!

Stick with us, and over time, we will get you to where you want to be.

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