Workout before work

Only a short entry for this as I’ve still got to grab a shower, get dressed and head off to my internship and its already 7:48am.

Basically I wanted to make everyone know just how awesome a morning workout is. I woke up from my slumber after having an early night with the plan to go to the gym early so I could fit it in my schedule. Then like almost every other of the numerous times I’ve planned to get up for an early morning gym session, I almost gave up and went back to bed. I’m so glad I didn’t.

Working up a sweat this morning is the most invigorating experience I’ve had in a long time: not only do you go to work in the morning knowing that you’ve already finished your workouts for today, but it gives you so much energy! Yes, you use up your energy in the gym, but at the same time you’re on an endorphin high. 

So what should you do if you find that you have no time in the day to fit your gym/workout/cardio session into your day? Go to bed early and hit the gym as the sun rises.

Trust me.

You’ll love it.


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