Knowing when to give up

We at Enraged Hippo Fitness are known amongst our peers for being pretty serious, and far too competitive. Especially when it comes to pushing ourselves in the gym. Not much feels better than that moment you finally break a personal best that has been staring you in the face for weeks. But alas, not every day is one of those days.

Today I went about hitting some big numbers on my usual Monday workout. I had that feeling where you just know things are going to go your way. I slapped on my chalk. Did some warm up sets. All was good. Today I felt like a bit of an ox so I decided to go real heavy on my deadlift. Smashed the first two reps so knew I was going to get three. I didn’t… on the third rep my back caved and I had to drop it. Some of you who are just starting out lifting might love a challenge and try to finish the other two sets. We’ve all been there, but I’m here to tell you that this isn’t always the best thing to do.

Even in a hormone fueled environment where your ego inflates to immeasurable size, you still have to make sure that brain of yours is still switched on. When you’re moving heavy things and you’re not feeling good, there is a heightened chance of injury: this is something you want to avoid at all costs. As someone who has never had a sustained injury I can safely say this is down to being as careful as possible when it counts, so I decided to leave that barbell where it was. Instead I moved onto my pull ups: these actually went pretty well so I felt as though everything was going good again.

It didn’t last long.

I hit my squats and this time my left knee wasn’t feeling great. I gave it a good go thinking it might go, but it didn’t. At this point I called it a day. Simple as that.

The message I’m trying to get across today, is that it’s perfectly okay not to have the most productive day. How many of you would rather complete a few more squats but risk injury that will put you out for weeks…? Think about it. It doesn’t really make sense does it? So lift smart!

Take a rest for a day or two. Put those feet up and watch a movie! As long as you don’t stay on that sofa for the next 3 months it’s not going to do you any harm. Quite the opposite, it’ll really give your body time to fix itself and you’ll thank yourself for it.

So guys and girls, we say goodbye for another day. See you again soon!

Love to live. Love to lift.


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