Top 4 tips for losing fat in more than 30 minutes

So you’re probably like most people out there, and you feel like you might have a little bit too much fat sat around your waistline. It sits there all day and it just won’t budge, so what do you do?

I imagine most of you are thinking about specifically targeting that area of fat. I’m going to guess that you’ve already been lulled into the whole idea of being able to look like a magazine cover model in 4 weeks. After all, they say you can. Why would they lie?

If you look at every single cover of a man’s or woman’s fitness magazine they will have some sort of shortcut to getting in the best shape of your life. Every single one. Now if you put your mind to it you’ll realise that something doesn’t quite add up. If their regular readership were able to get in shape that easily in such a short space of time, with almost no effort involved, well don’t you think everyone would be super fit? Answer: yes. In truth: it never works.

It would put all of these expensive magazines out of business if what they told you what actually worked! Here at Enraged Hippo Fitness, we don’t make any money. We put the advice out there because we love to help. There’s nothing like helping people get more out of life.

Now that you know what you shouldn’t be reading, we’ll give you our top 4 tips for helping to shed that tiresome fat. But we warned: it won’t happen in 30 minutes! It takes effort and a bit of dedication. So with out further a due, here are out top 4 tips:

  • You can’t spot reduce fat. Ignore everything you’ve been told by your girlfriends at the gym or mates down the park, you can not choose where to lose fat. Don’t worry, you can still do something about it. Loosing fat in general will help trim that waistline, how fast depends mainly on your genetics. It’s not great news to hear that, but it’s something you have to be aware of. People will genetically lose fat in some places quicker than others: it’s just a fact of life. However, key point here is to not focus on just targeting one area, it’s not going to make it go any faster.


  • Loads of crunches won’t help get those abs. Pretty much 100% of the time taking that approach won’t work. Crunches will do absolutely nothing whatsoever to burn fat, mainly because your body just isn’t using up any energy! Feeling a burn doesn’t mean that fat is disappearing from that area, just that your muscle is getting tired. We haven’t done crunches in over a year and we’re doing alright. Big lifts will strengthen your core plenty.


  • Being fit is better than being skinny. Before you disagree with me I will give you two examples. 1. A skinny man who does a thousand crunches every night before bed. He might have some abdominals showing, but I can assure you that those crunches haven’t made his core remotely strong and would crumble under a barbell.And the reason his abs are showing is because he is so thin! He isn’t fit, he’s unhealthy. 2. A woman who follows the EHF Beginners Programme and so does no crunches. She eats healthy and is slim. This person will have developed a strong core that will help her in all areas of sport and the healthy eating has allowed her to develop a good muscle/fat ratio. She may weigh more than a larger lady but she’s also slimmer. Still think skinny is so good?


  • Lifting is better for losing fat than running every day. Firstly, running every day is a quick way to slow down your metabolism so that fat is harder to burn off. Our bodies haven’t changed much since we were cavemen, and they prioritise storing fat over anything other function. It may have made us mighty hunters a hundred thousand years ago, but it’s not so useful anymore*! Lifting is similar to participating in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This refers to quick bouts of quick bouts of high intensity exercise followed by a short interval, as the name might suggest. This is a proven way to really boost your post exercise oxygen consumption (getting a little bit technical here) which will really help to boost that metabolism for the few hours after exercise. Not only that, but adding muscle to your body increases your body’s need for energy as it needs more to maintain it. This helps burn energy, even when sitting down!

*Running has it’s place, but every day is a metabolic disaster!


So they are just a few of our tips to help you lose fat and get in shape! There’s so much more that could be written here but we’ve all got things to do, so follow our blog and keep your eyes peeled for more fat busting tips!

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If you leave some comments below we’ll try respond as soon as we can. Love to Live. Love to Lift.


If you’re feeling a bit lazy, check out the video below!


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