Baked bean: the more you eat the more you…

I’ve realised that at the moment I may be expelling some gas a lot faster than usual. This probably wasn’t what you want to hear, but it isn’t actually a bad thing. It’s because in the last couple of weeks I’ve had quite a few cans of baked beans. So many in fact, I thought I’d write about them.

First of all, there is a whole host of health benefits to eating the humble baked bean.

  • Baked beans are packed full of fibre! In your average diet you probably want to be consuming anywhere between 30-40 grams of fibre a day. And a can of beans you’ll get about 15g of the stuff! It really helps clear out your digestive system and keep that gut of yours chugging along nicely.
  • It’s a fantastic protein source. You probably don’t realise it, but a can of the good stuff will usually give you the same amount of protein as a protein shake would. Can it get any better?
  • They provide high quality, low GI carbs to your diet. Unless you opt for a poor quality brand with loads of added sugar, you’ll find plenty of energy to keep you going at work and in the gym.

If you’re not quite sold on the effect of baked beans, hopefully this next section will change your mind.

So it’s obvious that beans are a great healthy option, but there are so many other reasons to eat them. For one, they taste great. It’s undeniable that at least here in the UK, almost everybody loves baked beans. Soft beans in a juicy tomato sauce? Yes please!

Baked beans are also an incredibly versatile food. You can eat them by themselves (well we do). You can have them on toast with a bit of cheese on top. You can add mince, chilli powder and kidney beans to make a quick and easy chilli con carne. And obviously, you can have them with your bacon, sausage and egg in the morning (aka the Full English Breakfast).

There is one other key reason why I’d really recommend adding them to your diet once or twice a week. They’re cheap. I mean really cheap. It all depends on what particular brand you like, but in the UK you can even get the best brand of beans (Heinz) for 50p when they’re on offer. That’s about the same price as a protein shake from the Protein Works but on top of that you get all of the fibre and other good nutritional ingredients that comes along with it.

So next time you’re doing your shopping, do yourself a favor and grab a can of baked beans. You won’t regret it. Though as a warning, I’d suggest limiting the amount you eat to once or twice a week if you don’t want to all of your friends to stay clear. Farts stink after all!


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