What’s the best time to go to the gym?

There is a question we often get asked by many of our peers: “what time is considered the right time to go to the gym.” Is it the morning, afternoon, evening or midnight (for those of you at 24 hour gyms)? Firstly, let’s break each of these time periods down, under the assumption of a normally functioning body clock.

During the morning, a variety of factors enable the body to perform. Testosterone is usually at its peak at this time, along with a fairly low body temperature compared to the rest of the day. The peak of testosterone promotes an increased protein synthesis which is great for muscle production. There has also been a lot of discussion (with no clear outcome) that training fasted in the morning helps with fat loss. Trained fasted simply means that you haven’t eaten anything before or during the session. However, we aren’t quite convinced this is true. Then there is just what time of day you personally feel most productive. Rakesh is an avid morning person, and therefore he prefers to go to the gym in the morning.

In the afternoon, pain tolerance is at its highest, alongside increasing levels of adrenalin and body temperature. This could really help people get through there workout and work harder than usual From our experience this the personal preference of most people we know. They seem to agree that they feel more awake and ready for a gym session come afternoon. Not everybody is a morning person after all.

The evening boasts a range of body advantages: the body peaks in performance. This is due to flexibility, strength and stamina being at their daily best. Of course this seems to be an enticing quality for gym goers to approach, since these factors enable the best potential for their strongest performance.

During the night the body produces additional amounts of a chemical known as melatonin, which prepares you for sleep. At this point your mental focus drains significantly, which for some people leads to a lack of concentration whilst lifting heavier weight.

From looking at these factors above, it seems that late afternoon or early evening gym sessions are the most productive for the body. However, observing bodily functions at each of these time periods is not enough. Daily life commitments play a big part in deciding what is the best time to go workout. As we said, Rakesh, as a University student goes to the gym in the morning. The gym is usually less busy at that time, allowing him to get on with his workout with minimal interruption. Overall, the best time to go the gym… is whenever you can. Most people have a busy life and coupled with their body’s optimum times to hit the gym, make each person’s ‘best time’ to go… completely unique. But what is most important, is going to the gym rather than not going!


photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/34316967@N04/4732635256/

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