Fast Food – The Healthy Way

Everyone likes a bit of fast food now and again. After all the perils of the day, there is something comforting about paying for a meal that’s quick, that you don’t have to prepare and cook yourself. The issue with this sort of food is that nine times out of ten the convenience is at a price: it’s very unhealthy. We’re here to give you some advice on how you can still enjoy fast food without having to feel guilty about what it’s doing to your body.
To begin with we need to tackle the main source of all of the unnecessary calories and unhealthy fat and sugar you’re consuming. And that means dealing with the size of your portions. Especially evident over the last few decades in America; the size of food portions are getting larger. It now only costs say, an extra 40p to upgrade that burger you’ve just ordered to be a meal, or to be a double. Maybe it’ll add some cheese and bacon on to it. Not only that, but the size of “standard sizes” are now getting bigger. Here in the UK, most places don’t even offer a small size portion any more: medium is now the smallest. All of this adds to an awful lot of temptation to make your fast food meal just that bit bigger. If you want to keep enjoying your occasional fast food meal, you really need to make sure you resist this temptation at the till and ignore the up-selling. Every extra that you add to the meal is equivalent to a lot of extra work to get work it off. We’re not saying every once in a while you can’t pig out, but make sure that it doesn’t become a recurring theme. You’ll thank yourself in the future.
Side dishes seem to be a staple of a meal out these days. Whether you’re at a top class restaurant or going to a local bar & grill, side dishes are standard. They can include salads, rice, vegetables and chips. This is okay when having a special meal out, but when you start to add these to your takeaway menu, your general health can really get affected (you may think salads are good, but most fast food chains stick on an unhealthy amount of fatty oils and dressings). So next time think about whether adding the 300+ calorie chips to your burger meal are really that worth it: will they actually make you feel more satisfied?
One thing that you should really be saying no to is fizzy drinks as every single takeaway we know of will offer a free can with a meal or they will only charge you a little extra. Most of you should be aware that fizzy drinks aren’t great for you, but to make it clear we will give you just one example. Taken from the coca-cola website, one 330ml can of coke contains 139 calories and 35g of sugar. That’s about 7 teaspoons of sugar. If you really do need a drink, you can always go for good old water.

Hopefully these snippets of information will help you make a better choice when going for fast food. We will be writing more on this topic in the future, in the meantime check out our top tips for losing fat.

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