DIY Liquid Chalk

Many of you will have found when working out, the sweat accumulating on your body will eventually work its way to your hands, producing none other than sweaty hands. This can hinder your lifts considerably, whether it could be the simple grip needed to do a pull-up, or the ‘diehard’ grip required to break your personal best for a deadlift. This is where the need for chalk comes in. Chalk is an excellent appliance to your hands that erodes any trace of moisture and sweat so that you are able to grip whatever you need to with a lot more ease. The use of chalk has seen many lifters increase some of their big lifts by at least 5kg. This is yet another reason to invest in chalk!

A readily used alternative to chalk is wrist straps, which are used in a similar manner. However the use of wrist straps is more of a hindrance to your training, since the straps take the ‘gripping’ part of your workout out of the equation. Having a good grip is essential to your training, as the earlier post ‘Why you should train your grip’ explains. Therefore, I would recommend the use of chalk over wrist straps whilst training.

But of course, it’s never that easy! Chalk blocks are the standard chalk adhesive, but they are often messy and have the tendency to deplete more quickly than you’d like them to. The superior alternative to this is therefore… Liquid Chalk! The basis of this article is an instructable on how to create your own liquid chalk, simply because you are probably being ripped off buying your liquid chalk from the market. Liquid chalk generally retails for around £6-14 for a (very tiny) 250ml bottle. But why should you succumb to such extortion… when you can make your own better value liquid chalk?!

Below is the official video Instructable on how to make your own Liquid chalk. It requires:

  1. A Chalk Block
  2. Rubbing Alcohol (Buy a general use rubbing alcohol that is not corrosive to the skin, and DO NOT PURCHASE WHITE SPIRIT)
  3. A small empty bottle



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