Why you shouldn’t buy a weight gainer

Lots of you, guys in particular, will be looking for a way to put on size very quickly. Either you want to get even bigger, or you’re currently pretty thin. As with everything in fitness, the average person wants a quick and easy way to achieve their goal, which in this case is obviously putting on weight. Whats the first thing you can buy that will spring to your mind? Weight gainer.

In case you were not already aware what exactly a weight gainer* is, it pretty much boils down to a shake that you can drink which has a lot of calories in it, so you can more easily get into a calorie surplus. A meal which you can drink like a standard protein shake.

The reason EHF recommends that you shouldn’t be consuming them is pretty simple: it’s almost entirely sugar. A lot of people aren’t actually aware, but if you looked at the packaging, 90% of the time you will see the words maltodextrin and dextrose which are simple sugars. In most respects, your body utilises them in exactly the same way as normal table-top sugar: cutting down on this sort of sugar is essential for good health. The remainder of the ingredients are usually fillers that have no real nutritional value and  then whey protein. If you look at the label on the side the amount of protein you’ll be getting looks incredible compared to a normal protein shake but you have to remind yourself that the size of the serving is also much, much larger!

The Quest for Change

What is probably the most pressing reason as to why you shouldn’t be using weight gainers is the cost of them. They are very, very expensive compared to actual food or other supplements. Some branded weight gainers can cost over £2 a serving for what amounts to sugar and a bit of whey protein: it’s outrageous. Not to mention you’re expected to have 2-3 servings per day.

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*In this article we are referring to shop bought weight/mass gainers


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