Why you shouldn’t wear a string vest to the gym: Quick Comment #2

(This article is written for fun. It's up to you what you wear.)

I’m sure most of you have witnessed the nipple flailing man that brandishes a stringer vest. We admire their courage to push aside traditional fashion boundaries but we have to draw a line somewhere. And with that, we set out below our key reasons why no man should be seen in a stringer.

  1. String vests are like short skirts or mini-skirts… or no skirts. Short skirts and mini-skirts are for the most part designed to be ‘revealing’ and dare we say it, sexy. If someone went on the treadmill wearing one of those you’d probably look twice – sexy and sweaty aren’t a combination that usually works. String vests are the male equivalent of mini-skirts so the same rules apply. Although sadly, male nipples just aren’t very sexy.
  2. Hygiene. Ever approached a bench and wondered why it’s covered in sweat? It’s probably because the guy who was using it was wearing a string vest. This issue heavily relates to the practicality (or lack of practicality) for having a string vest, since string vests aren’t really the best for keeping your sweat from staining everything you touch. My advice: invest in a proper t shirt that actually absorbs your sweat.
  3. You probably look silly. There are few people in the gym wear a string vest and actually end up looking half decent. The rest of us that attempt to do so, quite frankly look ridiculous. If you’re holding a little too much weight, you aren’t yet ready to show off your “gains”. If you’re too skinny, they will just hang off you. But if (AND ONLY IF) you are muscular… then maybe, maybe they might look okay on you (though probably not).

And that’s it. As you can this article really doesn’t promote wearing a string vest. Stay safe, and keep those nipples covered guys.

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