Why Cardio isn’t good for fat loss

Like most people, you probably believe that cardio is the best exercise available for losing fat. Be that running for a few miles every morning or endless hours of walking, you will have heard that doing so will help you lose all of your excess fat. It’s true that performing a lot of cardio can help you to achieve your fat loss goals, but we’re here to tell you that this isn’t always as true as it seems. However great cardio is for burning off those extra calories, there is still a common mistake that many of you will make

As your body wants to maintain the status quo it doesn’t really like any new stimulus. This is why when you start to lift heavier weights your body will build muscle to better prepare itself to deal with the new environment it finds itself in. The same broadly applies with your metabolism.

Examples of low intensity cardio are jogging, swimming lengths and going for fast walks.

If you find yourself performing cardio which is fairly low intensity quite often you will frequently be burning slightly more calories than normal. Your body’s reaction to this is to slow down your metabolism so that you don’t lose as many calories: leading to you having to increase the amount of cardio you do. Again, your metabolism slows down. This is a vicious cycle that can lead to you severely slow down your metabolism: along with your fat loss. It takes a long time to restore your metabolism back to where it was.

Luckily the remedy is pretty simple! You just need to reduce the amount of low intensity that you perform. If you’ve already damaged your metabolism it will take a while to go back to normal so you have to resist the temptation for more cardio – you’ll thank yourself in the long run. You can also try alternate high intensity interval training (HIIT) or resistance training with low intensity exercise for a more sustainable fat loss approach.

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