Gym Addiction

“Sorry I can’t, I have to go to the gym”

Many of you here at EHF will be familiar with the various memes related to the gym coming before anything – whether that may be going out, being with your girlfriend or even working! But what happens when the joke becomes that thought at the back of your mind, constantly reminding you that you missed out on a gym session?

This post is to help you readers hooked on going to the gym (or feel guilty when they don’t go), to decide where to draw the line between going to the gym and giving it a miss due to other circumstances. To keep this post simple, I’m going to categorise the types of everyday events that impede your ability to go to the gym. We’ve all had these things happen to us, so we know what to do about it!


  1. One off events and emergencies:

Perhaps you are unable to go to the gym today because you’ve got an extra meeting at work tonight, or you want to go out with friends. Whatever the reason, if the event is non-regularly occurring or simply a one off event, simply change up your schedule. If it’s possible to fit in your gym time earlier in the day, then do that. If the one off event lasts for the day, then you can always make it up by training on a rest day of that week. These sorts of events are easier to work around, since their nature of occurring once or occurring rarely means you can accommodate your loss of gym time.


  1. Regularly occurring events:

For those intermitting events that start to become a regular wedge in an otherwise perfect opportunity to visit the gym, you may be required to make a more permanent change to your schedule. Maybe you’ve just discovered that your commitment to your job now has you working on Saturdays, meaning you can no longer afford a visit to the gym on that day. The solution to this problem is to rearrange your weekly gym schedule so that Saturdays become rest days and your rest day becomes a gym day. Whatever the mishap, regularly occurring events can be accommodated for with a little forward planning and your existing drive to want to better yourself.


  1. Uncontrollable situations:

The explanation for these events is as severe as the name itself. These types of events involve but are not limited to:

  • Long term injury
  • A long break due to an impeding work schedule*
  • Long holidays
  • Family commitments

Your best option in these situations is to find any amount of time that can be used to go to the gym, since visiting the gym less often is better than not going at all. But, if you are completely unable to go to the gym, then you have no choice but to stop and wait it out until you can. As an alternative, home workouts are a great way to use a spare 20 minutes to keep you in shape. For more information on home workouts, head over to the YouTube channel for some great home workouts by our in-house guru.

*For students: An impeding work schedule can often be in the form of College/University work or exam periods. It is however recommended that you expose yourself to at least (at the very least!) one hour of physical activity a week. Not to mention that the gym is a fantastic way to revitalise yourself before heading back to the library – trust us, we know this all too well!

If you take only one thing away from this, let it be that you must be able to shape the gym around your life, instead of the other way round. Don’t let the gym rule you.


That’s all! Hope you’ve learnt something from this. Remember to follow our blog for more helpful information!


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