Buy healthy. Eat healthy.

Lot’s of you will find it hard not to snack on so called “junk” food during the day. Well if you find you snack most when you’re at home, we have a few simple little tricks you can follow.

  • Throw out, or give away most of the (really) unhealthy food you have in your cupboards.
    • For some of you we know that could be quite a lot, but trust us, it’s worth it in the long run.
  • For each snack you would usually buy, try to find a healthier option to replace it.
    • If you usually snack on a cereal bar, why not replace it with a banana for some healthy and unprocessed carbs.
    • If you like a sugary hit, a sweet & crisp apple is a great choice!
  • Try to stay away from refined sugar. Eating sugar leads to craving more sugar which is a dangerous cycle.
    • Try to replace sugar in your coffee with a small amount of sweetener.

We hope these little tricks have helped you! If you want more helpful advice, remember to follow the blog and check us out on Facebook or Twitter. See you there!

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