Eating Before Exercise

We know many of you like to have something to eat before you blast out a session in the gym, or go for a long run. If you google what you should eat, you will soon see the large variety of online articles that tell you that you MUST measure out an exact amount of carbohydrate, protein and fat. But you don’t have to follow such strict rules. In reality, you can be pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

That being said, below are the types of food that we advise consuming before a workout.

2 hours until workout

This is the time that you should try to consume a “normal” meal. Eat what you want, but make sure you stick to keeping it healthy. Ideally this means that your meal should include a decent amount of carbs, protein and some fat. We know that’s sometimes quite hard so as long as you are eating some carbs and protein, you’ll still have plenty of energy.

Hard Gainers

30 minutes until workout

Now that it’s pretty close to your workout, any food you eat should be limited to a snack or a very small meal. Try not to eat too much, since this will make you feel sick when you’re working out, and you really don’t want that. If you are eating, this food should be mainly carbs (there’s a theme here), ensuring you have the extra energy needed to smash your work out.


Bananas are fantastic source of carbs and aren’t too heavy on the stomach.


Time to work out

The time has come. You’ve arrived at the gym bursting with energy. Own it, and most of all… enjoy it!


Remember to follow the blog and check out some of our other articles. Whether it’s our friend the banana or a naughty bar of chocolate, we’d love to know what your favourite source of pre-workout energy is!


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