Don’t Be Afraid To Eat Cake

As you all know, our passion is health and fitness. We believe that it can have a truly positive effect on everybody’s lifestyle and really helps to build self-confidence. With all that being said, we know that some of you think you should take things to the extreme. You put food into two categories; healthy and unhealthy. These phrases should be a guide, not a rule.

Not everything has to be “healthy”

There is a general understanding some food is relatively unhealthy, such as processed cereal bars, chocolate and foods high in saturated fat. What it implies is that these foods shouldn’t be making up the majority of our diet. So what does really this mean for you? Well, you can eat cake and not feel bad about it. As long as it’s not an entire “caterpillar cake” then go ahead and take a bite of your friend’s homemade delicacy.

Everything in moderation

Although this is a well-worn phrase that’s easy to understand, there are still people who completely rule out entire categories of food. We’re all for green vegetables with spiced chicken, but even we desire the delicious taste of fresh pizza every blue moon. So let your hair down once in a while and enjoy your food. Just make sure it’s “healthy” most of the time.


It’s nice to have a treat once in a while but if you find you’re snacking too much, check out this article for some helpful advice from our team.

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