Not over till you re rack

Probably one of the worst offences committable on planet Earth… is not re racking your weights.

It Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the measly 1.25kg plates on the floor, or a leg press loaded with an insane amount of weight. Yes it’s an impressive feat to be able to leg press 800kg, but if you’re far from the 7ft tall, strapping body builder you want to be, you’ll have a difficult time taking off all that weight –  not to mention you’ll have wasted 10 minutes of your life.

  Seriously… WHY?!?!?

Part of agreeing to the simple etiquette of a gym is like playing by the rules of a game of Tennis or Pool. You conform to the behaviour of using gym facilities whilst at the same time respecting them.

Don’t be the one that leaves the squat rack with 4 plates either side, leaving everyone else to wonder if you’re still using them, when in fact you’re on your way home! It’s harder to know if a rack of weights is ready to use if they’ve been stacked either side of a barbell on a lone squat rack.

  I cry every time.

And that’s it! Keep working, and more importantly… start re racking!

photo credit:  (In one of the threads)


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