Injuries and Training

One of the most annoying setbacks in the development of your training is likely to be an injury. This can range from a small ache to the longstanding childhood injury that comes back every so often. In most cases your performance at the gym will be hindered by your injury, and there are very few instances in which resuming your training is recommended. Below are some of the biggest dos and don’ts of possible actions to take after you feel the sting of an injury:

Be realistic.

If you’ve badly hurt your shoulder to the point of not being able to lift the arm and having a big shoulder workout planned for tomorrow, then DO NOT go. I know I’m stating the obvious, but at least half of the gym enthusiasts and/or bros that are reading will ignore this advice and attempt to work out with a badly damaged shoulder. Be realistic. If you are struggling, then don’t go. If you do go and it hurts, stop. It’s just not worth it.

There is no fast solution

Many injuries that hinder your ability to lift take at least a month to recover. In this time, be more concerned with getting better than you are with losing your gains. Taking the time out to improve your conditioning from the injury will allow you to bounce back stronger than before.

Assistive Recovery is key

A fair number of injuries can be helped or eased with the use of assistive equipment such as a foam roller or massage ball. The self-myofascial release from application of massaging will help to ease knots or any tightness in muscles. In extreme circumstances, visit a chiropractor or massage therapist. You can really make your money go far if you have a variety of pains that require attention.

Don’t be impatient about healing

Picture this: You’re on the road to recovery, and you think you can handle the odd gym session. You go to the gym and push yourself even though your body has not fully recovered… and suddenly you’ve aggravated the initial injury. You’re back at square one of the healing process. Moral of the story? Don’t be impatient with the healing process.

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