Reaching those milestones

Many of you reading this will have some sort of long term goal in mind. For you girls, it might be completing 10 full press-ups, or for a guy, hitting that fabled 2 plate (100kg) bench. Well I’m here to tell you that as of this week, I have finally hit a 140kg strict pause bench press for the first time, at a weight of 83.5kg. To some of you that sort of lift will seem impossible to attain, but I can tell you for certain that it is, it just takes time – a lot of time.

Around 13 months ago I hit 130kg for the first time, which was a massive deal! And the next day, my goal post moved to 140kg. If you’re alert, you’ll realise that it took me 13 months to move up just 10kg. Hopefully it won’t ever take you that long to move up that much weight, but I want to get over to you the perseverance that’s necessary to succeed in the long run. When things get tough, just keep going. Don’t just take this philosophy into the gym, take it into life. We all lose motivation when things don’t go our way, or when progress is going so slow it starts going backwards, but if we have the determination to succeed, we will.

Bring me the next impossible goal; I’m going to smash it!


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