Build Power with Pendlay Rows

So you’ve been training for a while now, things are going well but that back just isn’t getting any bigger. Not only that, but you aren’t really getting much stronger… Then you need to be doing the Pendlay Row! These are one of the most efficient exercises for building a bigger, stronger and more powerful back.

Developed by Glenn Pendlay, a US weightlifting coach who has produced over 90 national weightlifting champions, this lift has some serious weight behind it (get it?). If you’ve ever browsed any bodybuilding article or video, you will almost certainly be used to performing the “normal” bent over row. In this case you bent over a little and keep the weight off the floor. The weight barely moves but is good for building size. However, if you want to look as strong as you look, you need to be doing the Pendlay row.

How to do it

  1. Stand over the bar as you would with the deadlift, but a few inches further away from you.
  2. Bend your knees and push your hips back. Your back needs to be perpendicular to the floor (90 degrees)
  3. Grab the bar at least shoulder width apart, but anywhere that comfortable.
  4. Rip the bar off the ground. Try not to move your hips.
  5. Rest the bar on the floor.
  6. One rep complete.

This is a video from Glenn Pendlay’s YouTube Channel:

In summary

  • Pendlay rows are superior to bodybuilding rows for strength and power.
  • It was developed by one of the most successful US weightlifting coaches.
  • Easier on your lower back as you rest it on the floor after a rep.
  • This also carries over very well to your deadlift
  • Who doesn’t want a V-taper?


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Bulking Up and Adding Muscle: Our Guide

So you’ve just spent the last few weeks glancing at your reflection. You aren’t going to admit it to anyone, but you’re feeling a little bit self-conscious. You’ve just starting working out and realise that you don’t want to be stick thin anymore. Or maybe you’d just like a bit more muscle on your frame. But how do you do it?

After several years of combined experience dealing with this issue, we would like to share our knowledge with you. Luckily, it’s straight forward and easy to implement. There’s 3 main areas that we need to address, and to get the best results we’d suggest you follow them all.

Eat more food

  • How much more? Well download yourself the myfitnesspal app and start tracking your calories along with your weight. You want to find the balance where you are eating a few hundred calories more than your maintenance calories (this is essentially the calories you need to maintain the same weight).
  • This should mainly consist of carbs, and should be as healthy as possible. If you start gorging on chocolate bars and snacks you will add a lot of fat: we’ve been there, and it isn’t pretty.


Lift between 6-8 reps

  • Ignore the common phrase “low weight high reps” for hypertrophy (size). This just simply isn’t true, and training the traditional 12+ reps is only good for endurance and minimal increases in size.
  • This rep range is scientifically proven to be the best area for muscle hypertrophy. Not only that, but training in this range will also contribute to increased strength.

Stick to the compound movements

  • One huge issue that most of you suffer with is an obsession with isolation exercises and “chasing the pump“. Isolation exercises have their time and place, but when new to lifting (less than 2 years training) you should focus at least 80% of your workout to compound lifts.
  • The big four compound lifts are bench press, overhead press, deadlift and the squat. These should be the foundation of your training programme.
  • Compound movements give you the most bang for your buck“. This means that they recruit the most muscles in the shortest amount of time, not to mention you can lift the heaviest weight with these movements.


So now you know what to do, go on and bulk up! Come next summer, you’ll see all of the hard work pay off. Fitness is a long term game, so don’t give up if you haven’t added those 2 inches to your arms in a month: it doesn’t work like that. Enjoy what you’re doing and you’ll reap the rewards. If you want a great workout to follow, check out ours and put into practice what you’ve learned.

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